Data usage

Participants agree that the data provided to them shall be used solely for the purpose of participating in one of the CLUST challenges (previous CLUST14 dataset or current CLUST15 dataset) and shall not be used, disclosed or distributed to any other person under any circumstance.

The tracking performance will be evaluated by the organizers after submission of the tracking results. Only this evaluation provides the official CLUST tracking performance and shall be reported in any publication to allow comparison.

When publishing the results based on the challenge data, participants shall cite the challenge and the references listed at the bottom of this page.

Method's parameters

To avoid unrealistic adjustment of the method's parameters per sequence, parameters should either be automatically determined or should be fixed for at least all sequences per ultrasound scanner type and task. It should be clear from the description of the method that this rule was followed by either specifying the automatic procedure or by stating the values of the fixed parameters.


Participants shall submit results and a description of the method, following the instructions listed in Submission. The description will serve the organizers to identify and discriminate between methods, and to verify that the rules regarding method's parameters were fulfilled. The description will only be released as informal submission (see below) after explicit request from the participant. The evaluation of the submitted results will be done by the challenge organizers.

By submitting their results, participants agree that these will be included on the online leaderboard webpage. There are three result categories:

Anonymous submissions, which have not progressed to the other two categories within 12 months after submission, will be removed from the leaderboard.

Results should only be compared to official submissions.

Participants shall notify the challenge organizers about any publication which is (partly) based on CLUST data.


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